Friday, 20 June 2014

Stories For Children-By Lev Tolstoy

Book Name                                                         -  Stories For Children-By Lev Tolstoy
Author                                                                  -  Lev Tolstoy
Translation to English                                         - Fainna Glagoleva
Illustration                                                           - Alexei Pakhomov
Published By                                                       - Raduga Publishers, Moscow
Year                                                                      - 1981
Printed in Soviet Union
Thanks Anil Battula for sharing this book

Request one and all to share the books in your collection to to preserve these treasures to future generations.

Download Link :- Stories For Children-By Lev Tolstoy


The Kitten                               The Swan
The Elephant                           The sparrow and the swallows
The sea Eagle                          The Shark
The Dive                                  The Lion and the Dog
The Girl and Mushrooms       The Plum Pit
The Little Bird                        The Liar
Two Friends


  1. Hi , I have created a blog for Soviet telugu books printed in USSR.
    Link is:

    Thanks, Anil battula, Hyderabad, India

  2. Thanks for posting these Anil. Will try and see if there's one for hindi - arvind guptas site has many, but can see if we can do one for hindi - really miss those books.

  3. thank you!!! this book was such a treasure from my childhood. i have never stopped loving animals since. and the illustrations! i had two versions, one in bangla and the other in english.

    1. Suddenly I just found this blog and i cant even explain how much happy I am!!! it was a treasure from my childhood!!! I had the bengali one!!

    2. I agree.thank you very much rajaram.
      I have 3 in malayalam
      The horned lamb
      Why tuppy doesnt chase birds
      The frog went travelling

  4. പഴയ മിഷ പുസ്തകം കിട്ടുമോ ?

  5. You have did a great work indeed
    Words fail to express thanks when got my lost books.